Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

|| a farewell letter -1 liter of tears

To Asou-kun,
There are some things that I can't say to you face to face. 
So I'm writing a letter. 
For always being by my side, thank you. 
For always encouraging me, thank you. 
You've found what you wanted to do, and are now working towards it.
And seeing that makes me happy. 
You'll gain a lot of knowledge, and meet a lot of new people. 
From now on you'll continue to live on. Your future is expanding by infinite proportions. 
But in my case, it's not the same.
In the future that I have left, how should I go about living it? 
That's it. 
That's all that there is. 
There's nothing we can do about this difference.
Everyday, I fighting against myself. 
To try to suppress such feelings, I've used up all my energy. 
Here's the truth. It's painful to be with Asou-kun. 
Wanting to do this, wanting to do that. 
Thinking that if I didn't get this disease, then I would be able to do them all. 
When I'm with Asou-kun, I'll keep on wanting a dream that can never come true.
Of course, it's not Asou-kun's fault. 
But I'm envy you, and feel sorry for myself. 
It doesn't matter what I do, but with the me right now, I'm becoming more miserable. 
If it stay like this, I won't have the courage to live on. 
Thank you for doing so much for me. 
For saying that you like me, even the way I am now, thank you. 
I'm sorry that I can't give you anything in return. 
I can't, see you anymore.

- a letter from aya to asou kun

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